Invalidating Belief

Mahmud Asrul
2 min readMay 20, 2023

Last April, I recently turned 20, and I’ve come to realize something profound. Whether someone is rich or poor, we all share a common quest in life. It’s not about privilege; what truly captivates me is exploring my own status quo. It took me a long time to understand this.

Everyone faces challenges in life, only in different forms. As for myself, I believe I can say that I am a privileged person for having good friends, a supportive family, and everyone who surrounds me, contributing to the manifestation of my reality and being a part of my life.

I truly mean it when I say that everyone is included, including the experiences of betrayal, heartbreak, and everything that sounds unpleasant in real life. They are still a part of your life, serving as lessons or reality checks to remind you that the world does not revolve around you.

For the past 2 or 3 years,

I have always contemplated the boundless potential of what I could become. However, as time has passed, I find myself realizing that we must confront reality and find a balance in life where reality meets our dreams.

Give God space in our hearts to live life to the fullest. As I mentioned before, life is about understanding our status quo.

I truly mean it because sometimes we tend to think that our life is just a drop of water in the vast ocean. But I believe the opposite is true

we are the ocean within a droplet.

There are many things we don’t know about ourselves, our existence, and the truth about life. It is indeed a challenging topic to discuss, but when it comes to matters of faith, it’s not always about proving facts or truths.

Belief becomes invalid once we know something to be true. Belief is a feeling we have within the realm of “not knowing.”, hence why there’s a terminology called “Leap of faith”.

You cannot believe that a 1+1=2 is valid(which is obvious), if you already know that 1+1=2 is true unless u have a different way to see math, peace.

I don’t say that you cannot believe in something that you already know it’s true, I just say that it’s useless to believe in something that you know it’s true, because if it’s yes then your telling everyone about the truth of reality, not an abstract belief (hope that make sense)

You can only believe in yourself because you know there is still space within you, yet to be discovered in the future, and believing until it becomes a true reality.

At the end of the day, we are born to live a life, not to wait forour fate to die,
don’t forget that we have the option to make the decisions of our life.