No one will care about you.

Mahmud Asrul
3 min readFeb 26, 2024

We live in other people’s world. Not in your world.

You are not the main character of life

You never asked to live in this world

And life never asks your permission, if life doesn’t go as you want.

Do you feel your ego attacked? yes, that’s the idea of ego. We all want to be acknowledged in this life, everyone can feel alone in the middle of the crowd. Anyone can feel bad about themselves and no one can stop it. Yet it’s in ourselves.

This reality might bruise your ego, but that’s precisely the role of the ego

Most of the monstrous fictive villains always end up with realization & regret. We don’t know ourselves enough, like how villains start their own origin stories. The desire to kill the hero is most of the time not because of the existence of a hero.

Thanos doesn’t care about the Avengers, he is motivated by his twisted sense of altruism and his belief in bringing balance to the universe by eliminating half of all life.

Magneto doesn’t care about the X-Men, he is driven by his traumatic past and a fervent belief in protecting mutantkind at any cost, even if it means becoming the antagonist in the eyes of those he opposes.

Joker doesn’t care about Batman. Rather, Batman is the canvas against which the Joker paints his acts of chaos, testing the limits of society’s morality and sanity.

but the Ego of how his/her life fights itself and overpower the control of the body. Most of the time, we are just too egoistic to think that the world is yours. No, it’s never. Sun never revolves around the world because of you, gravity never stays at its equilibrium and not crushing the universe, and it’s not because you exist in the world.

When I was a kid, I thought heroes were the main characters of life — the proposal of life, saving thousands & millions of people, and getting acknowledged as the savior of the world.

Yet the more I grow up, I see that anti-heroes make more sense. Most of the time, side characters in some of the movies we watched as kids are even more real and have more meaning. I did love SpongeBob as a kid, but growing up makes me understand more how Squidward feels throughout his passion & life.

I do think that we have to acknowledge that we have a little ego living inside our hearts. Wanting to be acknowledged, wanting to be heard, wanting to be realized. It’s not about removing ego in life, it’s about controlling where you want to show your ego and where not.

The ego is our alarm indicator; I do believe that everything that can exist has an ego. Even God has his ego, to choose who deserves heaven & who does not. Follow the rules, and eventually, you will deserve what you give in this life. Everything has its ego, and it also works with your dream, the collapsing dream, and the unrealized dream. Everyone also starts their life for the first time.

We only have two lives: the first one comes before it understands that it has two lives, and the second one after you realize you live only once. Control your ego, if your ego is hurt yet it’s its Scope of work, but never let it have control of your life, or else you will regret it like how many anti-heroes did in the end of the movie.