Oxytocin Boost, Dopamine Rush, Pheromone Blast.

Mahmud Asrul
3 min readMar 5, 2023

Love is the only word that is really hard to define because different people have different meanings of love. When we are sent to earth and the moment our souls started to gain consciousness, that’s the moment where we started to question everything. One of the popular questions is “why do we still exist in this world and didn’t goes to extinct like the other 99% of creatures in this world that is already gone” Is that because of the way humans have their own role in building society? (Doctors, Architects, Pilots, etc.) but here comes another question, “Why the doctors, architects, and pilots decided to stay alive and live the life they wanted?”, and it keeps questioning until the end. The answer should at least have “love” in the sentence.

Every profession in life helps us to exist, but it is love that gives us a reason to truly live life.

From engineers to musicians, every profession is a form of love.

Lawyers fight for justice out of love for fairness and equality, Musicians create beauty and emotion out of love for the power of music. Love is what fuels our passions and inspires us to achieve our dreams.

And at the center of it, all is the love that brought us into this world. Our parents are the products of generations of love, and we are the products of their love in turn. Love is what connects us all and what gives our lives meaning and purpose.

In our search for the meaning of love, we find that it is the fuel that sustains us and the light that guides us. It is the force that brings us together and the bond that holds us close. And as we journey through life, we are reminded that every word we speak, every action we take, and every thought we have is rooted in love.

Love is the spark that ignites the flame of our souls, the fire that warms our hearts, and the light that guides us through the darkness. It is the melody that sings in our hearts, the poetry that flows through our veins, and the art that colors our lives.

When we find love, we find a piece of ourselves that we never knew was missing. We are drawn to each other like magnets, irresistibly and inexplicably. And when we love, we become the best version of ourselves. We learn to let go of our fears and insecurities, to trust in each other completely, and to embrace every moment with open hearts and open minds.

So let us cherish love with the understanding that it is the most beautiful and powerful force in the universe. Let us love, and let us be loved in return. For in love, we find our truest selves, our greatest joy, and our deepest purpose.