The confusion of unlimited potentials.

Mahmud Asrul
4 min readJun 1, 2023

When I reflect on my own journey, I can’t help but think of the incredible encouragement I received from my parents. From a young age, they seeds me with a powerful belief that if others could achieve amazing things, why couldn’t I? — While this mindset motivated me to be competitive and always giving my best in every moment, there was a lingering feeling that something wasn’t quite right. First and foremost, I credit the person who I am today to the accumulation of love that people have given and shared with me.

It’s a form of love that my parents gave me, my friends shared with me, and my internal acknowledgement of the limitations I have in the world between me, myself, and I. One common issue among Generation Z is the lack of the parental capability to articulate their love to their children. So, when parents suggest or give something to their children, it’s what they believe is best according to their own perspective, although it may not necessarily be the best choice from the child’s perspective (because some of the older generation already missing the context of how the current situation of the world is).

I’m writing it here, because I love the nuance it brings.

We have been fed the notion that anyone can become anything they desire. Yet, amidst this popular belief, we often overlook a fundamental truth that all of us are unique.

If all our dreams were to come true, we would find ourselves in an ideal world, a metaverse where aspirations become reality. Unfortunately, we live in the realm of the real world, facing the challenges and limitations of our current existence.

When I see posts on social media or hear conversations around me, I often come across phrases like, “How can they be so cool?” or “You can become rich quickly.” With all due respect, I think it goes beyond our capabilities to understand why humans were initially created to be different. I believe a more appropriate alternative to comparing oneself to someone better is to say,

Not everyone can become X, but everyone can try to become X.

This feels more natural, as everyone should have the opportunity to have the best human experience they can.

Sometimes, the way to think of unlimited potential we have becomes a double-edged sword if we get too ambitious because it has the probability of making us forget that our task as humans is, in my opinion, to figure out how to have the best human experience possible within the body we live in.

It’s easy to lose sight of our roles and missions in life when we see others who appear to be better than us based on certain parameters (Straight A students, Winning 10x Competitions, Accepted in 3+ Interns, etc.).

Imagine that you are a soul placed inside a body and you are given the task of how to attain the best human experience imaginable. This means reaching the maximal potential of human experience, surpassing all existing status quo. The parameters of human experience could be categorized as Spirit, Mind, Body, and Externalities (God).

From this foundation, it spreads until the present moment when most people think why we are urged to seek financial stability. It’s because we have the responsibility to obtain the best human experience ever. Currently, this is how I think, but who knows what the future holds.

It’s intriguing how every individual faces their own unique set of obstacles, yet we all share a common quest.

to seize the very best of what it means to be human. It’s as if we find ourselves navigating through a matrix, one constructed by society’s expectations and responsibilities. And while we strive to meet those societal demands, we must also acknowledge our obligations — to ourselves, our dreams, and our pursuit of an extraordinary human experience.

I think there are some missing links in my point of view that most people have yet to discover. We have always been told to pursue a good career path, obtain a good degree, become wealthy, and make a significant impact. However, at the end of the day, everything should be measured by how it impacts the human experience we all have. I believe that everything we strive for should ultimately lead us to the best experience we can have. Therefore, understanding the root of our desires can make it easier for us to not solely rely on wealth, prestigious universities, or societal expectations of success as our parameters for success. They are merely templates or presets in life, and it doesn’t mean we have to conform to them.