Two wrong things don’t make things right.

Mahmud Asrul
6 min readJan 20, 2023

We cannot define someone’s character by their output of decision making, it’s on their moral compass and also how the collective logical chain works in their minds, but the problem is that most of us are not really aware of that. We all hate when we don’t have the right to speak up for ourselves, we need to create a safe space where the idea can be democratized easily. But before we talk about democratizing free speech, ideas, or anything related to democracy, the question we should ask is are we ready with a concept of free speech?

The reality hits here,

one of the examples of democratized opportunity to have free speech in the unready circumstances will lead to the confusion of free speech, hate speech, and misused understanding of free speech itself. When you have free speech, it doesn’t imply that you have to judge other people when they make mistakes, I won’t deeply talk about the importance of free speech or our readiness for it, but how we can see that most of us even myself might be subconsciously not ready with the reality of our life journey that one day might stop us on getting new dots of life.

If you are not terrified by what people say for being true to yourself, then you are the lucky one. Most of us are still terrified by what people think about us, which sometimes creates a compounding insecure view of ourselves. We’ll talk about it later how evil, greed, and irrational stuff most likely came from insecurity view about ourselves, and it might be impacted the people around us. However, it even has a probability that might subconsciously even hurt people that we loved.

One of the potential roots of why we are terrified by how people perceive us incorrectly might come even from your closest circle when you all gossip about someone. When you do that, it unsubconsciously creates the image of how it can be if it is “you” who are being gossiped by them. One of the hard truths is that it’s inevitable that your moral compass will be impacted by your closest circle when having a gossip talk. You cannot deny the fact that 80% of gossip or when you talk about people, I can guarantee that people will talk about the bad side of someone, the reason is simple we can see it also in the macro view, that something that is more harsh, sensitive, and triggering is more likely to have more view than good news.

The problem here is when your moral compass is impacted subconsciously by people who are around you.

You will define what is wrong and right by the people who are around you, and there’s no guarantee that people around you are good benchmarking people, if it is yes then it’s good, what if it’s not? a moral compass is not only built by what the culture or our surroundings says what are the right or wrong things, but it’s all about how we think what is right or wrong things and how the collection of the logical chain is created in your head.

When we excuse ourselves by talking about someone’s bad stuff by “if they create a mistake so we can learn from their mistake”, bro.. the reality is not like that, there’s no 100% guaranteed argument of by learning people mistakes will not happens to you, you can see it by let’s see how celebrities using narcotics, of course they know how using marijuana or cocaine in the country where it’s explicitly not legal stuff and the consequences are explicit can be seen in media. It’s not guaranteed that people will get scared by that, sometimes it needs to happen to them. There’s no guarantee talking about people’s mistakes will give you a 100% guarantee that one day you will not do what they’re doing. It only decreases the chances, but it’s not that significant.

A moral compass in my point of view most likely was built by the experiences that they’ve got,

I’ve seen a lot of stories of my friend who are in a religious high school or controlled environment, when they’re in an uncontrolled environment (which is reality) they will be fucked up. and we need to know that a moral compass is also created by your belief in your religion, but it’s too idealistic for some people because finding the logical chain of why/or how it shouldn’t be done by us when it’s strictly prohibited by the religion is one of the hardest things to do for some people. Except you are very good at it, but the spectrum of the world is not only filled by people who are good at building logical chains on their heads, there are still a lot of people that didn’t have the capabilities to create a logical chain on their head on defining what is right or wrong to them. A moral compass is not only created by 1 factor, but there’s a lot of spectrum, hierarchy, and complexity in how it is created, and it’s all about how we perceive our beliefs and purposes in life.

That’s why most of us say that the age of 30 or 40 is when we are fully adult since our moral compasses are clearly defined by the experiences we’ve got and also the logical chain that we have in our heads is enough. But the thing is our journey in character development is very vary to infinite probabilities, we are most often scared to do things because of how people will talk about us, but the right thing is not that, we are scared to do things because it’s not our things to do, and it’s all defined by how you perceive yourself and how your character was developed. Don’t be scared to do things because of how people will perceive you, but how it’s not right in your moral compass.

There’s one thing that is more than a book, I believe a book is one of the best ways to learn things, but there will be no one that can compete with you or justify your experiences, you are more than just a book, you are the experience you’ve got and surely no one has the rights to justify your experience. The journey of life must be lived, if we always seek someone’s fault then we will think everything is wrong, and it will be repeated until we do something wrong and it backslashes us.

Don’t perceive bad people stereotypes as they’re bad people. If that’s your only argument then you should agree that Rich people, good people, and looking religious people are good people. The reality is not like that, funny facts that we might see in the media is when they are labeled for something and they do something that is not what they have to do, like how Parliaments Member sleeps at meetings, how a religious person has raped a girl, how surprisingly favorite couple having abusive relationships. That’s how media works, no one of them can be justified, it’s under the bubble of media things to do. But it has nothing to do with your moral compass and character development. If you are scared to do things because of what people say, then I can say that you have a higher chance one day to become a parliamentarian who sleeps in a meeting. It’s all about your moral compass and how your brain works, a character is not defined when you don’t do something bad because the variable is too much to define your character, it might be you just don’t have the opportunity, I think how we can define someone character is when they have the opportunity and they choose not to do that, that’s how we define character, moral compass, and how logical chain works on someone ways of thinking.

We are more than just a label of University Students, Achievements, and Experiences, etc.

at the end of the day, we are just human, we do irrational stuff, and we might create mistakes, we are humans who create a mistake, learn, and choose ourselves to be ourselves.

There are a lot of factors, and a margin of complexity in why people do something, we cannot only look at it from a one-dimensional perspective.

Enjoy your life, and live your own journey.